What bundle amount is needed?

My professional suggestion as a stylist would be 2 bundles 12" to 18". 3 bundles 20" to 24'. 4 bundles 26" to 30".


How long should my extensions last?

With proper care this hair should last you about 12 months.


Can I color or highlight the hair?

Yes you can. We carry 100% virgin remy hair. It can be colored to desired shade or lift with bleach to add highlights or low lights.


How should I maintain my investment?

comb and brush extensions daily . Wrap your hair up at night with a bonnet or hair wrap.  Shampoo and condition hair every 2 weeks at minimum . Give the hair a deep mositure treatment once a month. Allow hair to hair dry for best results.

Can I change my order 

Yes , please email us at with in 24 hours of original order.